Welcome to WOGWear.com, the Word of God you can wear! This is the home of the world's smallest complete MICROSCOPIC King James Version of the Holy Bible.....

WOGWear.com is a Christian based jewelry and apparel company, specializing in Christian bracelets, Christian necklaces, and other types of beautiful Christian and Religious accessories many of which contain the entire King James version of the Holy Bible, the Word of God. We accomplish this through very sophisticated Nano-Technology. Through this process the entire text of the Bible, Genesis all the way to Revelation is inscribed on this tiny crystal and embedded into our jewelry. This is the world’s smallest complete version of the Bible, the Word of GOD (WOG) you can wear!

While our product line will expand over time we presently have very cool contemporary silicone debossed Christian bracelets that contain the Crystal Bible as well as a silver cross necklace and pendant that is not only beautiful but also made in the U.S.A. We even have a silicone key chain for that special person that doesn’t want to wear jewelry but still wants to have God’s Holy Word with them at all times.

There is not another company that produces Christian Jewelry and Religious Jewelry as well as other gifts that contain the entire Bible. This is truly the most unique Christian Gift and is a must for any believer. Thank you for stopping by WOGWear.com we look forward to being of service.


Using Nano-Technology we are able to have the complete Word of God in a tiny crystal that you can wear! The Word of God promises health for your body, prosperity for your finances, absolute peace in your heart and mind, long life, and most importantly eternal life filled with no more tears, no more sorrow and absolute bliss in the company of the Creator of the universe. How much does this cost? Nothing, not one penny, it is a Free Gift.

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